That is, such drills are working on batteries. Filed under: Robotics. This type of drill is somewhat less power than regular drills and, in addition, they need recharging batteries. Networking drill is the most common type of drills that work on the mains supply. These drills have more power and are easier to maintenance. Professional and consumer types of drills on the practice drills are divided into professional and personal.

The difference between these classes is that the professional drill designed for large load. They can work out in the intermittent mode, 8-10 hours a day, while household drills such loads can not survive and are used mostly for occasional short-term works. Professional Drill made of better materials, using metal component parts (not plastic as in the household), which determines their great reliability and resistance to wear. They also have more power compared to household. How to choose a drill When selecting drills should focus on the one hand the amount of work for those who plan to carry out, on the other side to take into account the technical parameters that characterize the drill. C scope of work is clear – it specifically identifies the user. With regard to technical characteristics, we briefly discuss the main ones.

In practice, the following parameters: nominal power; number of turns, maximum / optimal (recommended) diameter drill, the type of cartridge. Rated power drills range from 300 to 1500W. Here it should be borne in mind that the higher the power, the faster the work will be done and a wider range of problems can be solved, but we all need to navigate and to download the mains. The Council is this: if you plan to drill the wood or other soft materials, then drill up to 500 W be enough. Number of turns affects the performance of the drill. The higher the speed, the more opportunities. Drills on the market are providing up to 3000 rev / min, professional drills, and have a higher speed. The Council is: If you plan to use a drill at home, then purchase a drill with speeds of up to 3000 rev / min. In addition, modern drills offer the ability to adjust the speed, so you can change the speed of rotation for ensure the most efficient mode of operation. It should also be noted that when working with attachments (bits) better to choose a drill with a large number of turns. The maximum drilling capacity is determined by the manufacturer at the rate of In order to protect the motor from overloading the drill that can drill to bring down. The Council is this: when choosing a drill refer to the maximum possible diameter drill to drill and your work, do not exceed it. Diameter Drilling is given for steel, wood, and impact drills for more concrete and bricks. In addition, when selecting the drill should pay attention to the type of cartridge. There are two types of cartridge: timing and quick-. In toothed drill secured with a key, and a keyless through the efforts of his hands. As for the quality time they have similar characteristics, so the choice of a patron rather a matter of taste and priorities of the buyer's producers. And in Finally, note that a good tool can not be cheap – if it use the most modern materials and technology. Consider also that the choice of the drill.