Dusseldorf Table

Tourism and gastronomy equate increased quite on Internet which is Internet becoming the everyday medium, whether when booking travel or car or purchasing concert tickets in the context of leisure activities. Already for some time, it is possible to book cinema tickets and seats in advance on the Internet. But above all the tourism industry could note: towards a strong performance in recent years with online booking. According to a study of the Federal Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media (BITKOM) e. V. in 2007 offer about 36 percent of all representatives of this sector of online bookings, of which 62 percent hotels and 40 percent travel company. Online services in the hospitality industry of the gastronomy sector draws, for example, by providing electronic delivery services. So far, however, only 16 percent of all restaurants allow to reserve a table, as BITKOM reported continuing their customers online.

In the UK, the market around to the online table reservation is booming. In the last year were about 2.4 million guests worldwide Tables gives at their favorite restaurants. Trend: Online table reservation hold, answering machine, closed or even unfriendly staff are long now passe. After a 3-month introductory period could reserviermich.de listing newly designed platform for online table reservations, first success stories. Several hundred visitors regularly use reserviermich.de and reserve your table around the clock online, and rising.

The most popular restaurants restaurant in Dusseldorf and the White Lounge and the Carl’s in Hamburg include the Gunnewig Rhine Tower. Chinese, Italian and regional cuisine: the restaurant guide reserviermich.de lists a wide variety of restaurants and restaurants according to speciality. The network of participating restaurants is growing steadily. Reserviermich.de which is reserviermich.de free table reservation service in only 3 steps by connecting directly with the participating restaurants reservation calendars. Simply choose a suitable restaurant, determine the number of people and time, enter personal contact data and reserve. Promptly receive a booking confirmation as a customer and can get relaxed dinner. In addition to online booking, more information such as a description of the restaurants, opening hours, images, current offers and a clear plan are available on reserviermich.de.