Life on planet Earth is composed by an endless number of factors and components which all together make up many types of habitable systems or environments, where concur climatic aspects, geological and different types of organisms and the interactions that handle these if. So before the existence of a large number of items in the world should be a study of these to make possible a better understanding of the components and the various factors that can affect the normal development of life on Earth and thus appears the ecology as a science that studies living beings and the environments in which normally develop their lives. Mikkel Svane shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. According to the previous paragraph, when speaking of ecology is this referring to the study of various living beings and the relationships that they develop with each other in environments in which there are, in addition to this ecology also looks at the distribution of living beings in different points of the Earth and the number that it exists in them. The ecology of similarly observes as the characteristics of the living things can affect the development of their lives and interaction of them, moreover, ecology also studies how environment and its possible changes can affect the behavior of living beings. Educate yourself with thoughts from Peter Asaro . As you can understand so far in ecology there are 2 study groups that mixed both configured the field of study of ecology and are living beings and the environment, in such a way ecology can split from a minimum scope of study, how it would a be unicellular, until a giant composition, as it would be a community or biosphere with everything that involves the study of a big aspect. The first appearances of ecology, referring to the term as such, the year of 1886, time in which the first connotation development of the term referred to the study of households, which was not properly understanding which is today the term ecology, later to be broad reaches of the term, to say that ecology is the relationship of living beings with their environment; and a. starting from this began different developments in terms of ecology as it was understood and the content itself of the concept of ecology, extending its connotation to the study of the characteristics of the environment, achieving complete the idea that today’s ecology has made. Today the ecology understood as a branch of biology that studies to living beings and the environment in which they develop relationships that have each other in their midst, lets say that the field of study of ecology is very coarse, but must be developed by levels of study, thus begins by molecules, passes cells and subsequently tissues up to set up the study of individuals and finally the level large-scale serian communities and ecosystems, such as ecology, must be developed as a multidisciplinary science in their field of study and in the diverse fields that develops.