Education System

System. The holder of the Sepyc, said that the fact that they have been granted their relatives and to the Governor’s squares Aguilar, form part of an education system where it supports and helps to close relatives. Proponents of my family members and the Governor for vacancies that we are logically part of an educational system that has behaved and so deployed, in this case if I can help, I help. Zazueta Corrales, indicated that both have 15 years working in the educational service for their sisters Andrea Gloria and Maria Martha Zazueta Corrales, and that workers have the right to grow. He pointed out that new seats were not that were granted to them but that there was an increase of 10 hours. In the case of their daughters Tatiana and Jatzeel Sarabia Zazueta, these have squares of teachers, the first in a nursery, and it has a salary of 14 thousand pesos a month, while the second has square in the English program, with a salary of between 4 and 5 thousand dollars bi-weekly.

In regards to Jose Antonio Sarabia Osuna, the Secretariat denied that this is his nephew. How much to the relatives of the Governor, Zazueta Corrales, revealed, that plaza granted to Silvia Guadalupe Reyes Chavez, consuegra of the trustee was given by the Secretary general of SNTE but section 27, Jaime Quinones. Granted to the Governor consuegra that square is by the signing of Jaime Quinones, that is why the federal section. While Reyes Chavez, has 50 years of age plaza was awarded to 4 years ago, but the Sepyc said his head you don’t have a stopper for the granting of squares. Reyes Chavez, it is attached to the Department of early childhood education and coordinates federal child development centres and has a salary of 14 thousand pesos a month. Isoi Gotsis, who is the daughter-in-law of Aguilar Padilla, noted that she works in a kindergarten located in the White Earth colony, but she currently is not working, since it has a permit, logically, without pay, he emphasized. On the salary that Carlos Alfonso Zatarain Lizarraga, Assistant Quartermaster, holds Zazueta Corrales gave the same argument that Sarabia Lopez. Look here I’m recognizing that helped them and meet the profile and that they are there and nobody exceeds any stop from what is not, he added.