Effective Web Sites

I would like to highlight the already long ago trite topic. At the moment, firms providing services to create a myriad of sites but at the same time, after studying many of these companies I have come to a sad conclusion. Mostly it's just a team of programmers which at best is what that sales managers but no one I came across firms did not have in its structure a professional top manager. Why do they want? Yes then that only people of such specialization is really savvy in business and only they can understand what it should be site and how to do rather than programmers as it is happening everywhere. After initially why do we need sites? In order to show that business to a new level, so there is most often? I am 100% sure it's not.

What would have been a talented and experienced designers and programmers in the development company, without looking professional businessman they can not do. Otherwise the site is transformed into something else, in something like 'all have and I should be', is this normal? Confused on what you have made a site, promoted it and so on and your sales remained the same, what's the point? Maybe I'm not entirely clear why try to express myself to bring a shining example of proving my words. The well-known company Microsoft. Everybody knows that they are working on the most brilliant programmers and their programs are not the best, but they are the best in the business. This is where it all falls into place, they make their programs in the first place is very comfortable (can not be said about many sites) and really useful for the work functions (again of many such sites will not tell). It turns out that a tool to enhance business people are doing this far from the business itself.

Therefore, all people who want to build yourself a website or unwind, take into account my words and you do not throw your money away by spending them on the services programmer. Sites and not just simply the vital need to make the complex and see the whole the whole picture. Our company promotes solely business-oriented approach to building sites and what other sovetuem. say that in general most of the it industry saturated with this kind of problem. It would seem everything is clear and understandable, but at the same time and not so simple as it seems. In the it work mostly people who have excellent computer skills and general technology in general and for this reason, it seems to me they are very very distant from the business world. Indeed, it is not often seen programmers such as the degree of mba (Master Business Administration), but there certainly are a lot of them? On the example site building, I have touched only the tip of the iceberg under the water you can hide a lot is not the most pleasant effects of this problemy.Kak seems to me that it should be a purely business-oriented integrated approach. In such companies simply vital to have people evaluating the health needs of biznesa.Tolko so it will be able to realize its full potential capacity. Believe me, even the most technologically advanced companies have no reference point in the form of business sooner or later withdrew from the market. Website Design – is primarily a service-oriented business and you should not forget it never