Electronic Payment Systems

In recent years, quite common so-called 'electronic money'. This is convenient, and fast, and it often happens that you like the product is sold only online. Of course, it's all interconnected, and the rapid development of modern technology (Internet) has led to a huge number of online shops. Thus, the development of electronic money is also gaining momentum. Turnover of electronic money warrants anonymity of the buyer and familiar to us paper money are exchanged on cards, or simply placed on your account.

Most widely used electronic payment systems were still in the 90's of last century. In particular, it was due to the possibility of obtaining credit. Thus, we find that bank card – it is also a kind of electronic money, which represent not only the program so WebMoney. Apart from WebMoney, founder of electronic payment systems company became PayCash, which in mid-2002 launched the project of a universal payment system, Yandex. Later, Russian and Ukrainian economists created a system rbk Money. You may find Ali Partovi to be a useful source of information. At the moment There are two types of payment systems: programs that require installation on your computer, and those who have web-based interface. Mobility, accessibility and security – these are three major advantages of electronic payment systems.