Electroslag Welding Plasma Welding

Electroslag welding. The welding process is bezdugovym. Unlike arc welding to melt the core and filler metals are used the heat released during the passage of welding current through molten conductive slag (flux). At the beginning of an arc melted a small amount of flux. Then the electrode was immersed into the slag bath, arcing ceases and the current begins to pass through the molten slag.

Welding perform bottom-up more often in the vertical position the workpiece with a gap between them. To form the seam on both sides of the gap set of brass slides, molds, cooled by water. As in welding sliders are moved in the direction of welding. By type of electrode distinguish electroslag welding con-alkali, a plate electrode and consumable mouthpiece, by the presence of vibration of an electrode – without hesitation and with fluctuations in the electrode on the number of electrodes – one, two and multiple. Usually electroslag welding is used to connect the parts with a thickness of 50 mm to several meters. Elektroshla kovy process is also used for remelting of steel from the waste and get casting. Plasma welding. The process is based on the passage of pressurized gas flows through the electric discharge of high density.

The result is a high- ionized gas called plasma. The temperature of the plasma jet reaches 30 C. llc Plasma arc welding can be performed in the manufacture of both thin-walled parts and components of large thickness of various materials. In as the plasma gas is most often used argon, helium or nitrogen. Composition and plasma gas flow rate depends on the type of electrode and the material being welded.