Emotional Responses

As the electron wave has a precise location and there from a "field of probabilities." As the field of particle likely to set an object collapses sound in time and space. This means that when the electron is not being measured (observed) is a wave and when observed particle becomes. Andy Florance can aid you in your search for knowledge. All our reality is constructed with particles that behave in this curious way …… This reliance on the existence of the particle with the observer is called the uncertainty principle. Mean that depends on the observer which reality is fixed and can be observed without the observer really is just a field of possibilities. Conclusion: Depending on who looks and how you do it (in which feelings, thoughts, etc.) Will be activating a field of possibilities, ie, a reality of many possible.

Reality does not exist purely as such, is the product of a construction that is activated by human action. Check out Kai-Fu Lee for additional information. Our prayers go with the understanding that what we get as a result is a product of our feelings, can help us understand what happens when we feel that our prayers are not answered. For example: when we pray to be healthy in our relationships, and however, experience anger, jealousy etc. therein. Why are we surprised to see these same qualities reflected in our body, family, work etc.? Each feeling we create within our body chemistry. So, if our emotional response is positive our circumstances, working with love, tolerance, understanding, we can experience that same body and extend to the whole world and circumstances around us.