EU Member States

On 10 July 2012 the electronic contracting of the ANEI Commission presented its report at the headquarters of CEOE in Madrid. The Commission considers that Spain could save 7,823 million incorporating technology in the management of its recruitment procedures. Nothing else see this news on the website of Pixelware, I downloaded the same full report, and although I am always critical of estimates of this kind, the report of the Commission on public procurement is based on the EU studies to calculate the overall figure of savings that the public sector can achieve, and concludes in propose to public authorities design and approve, without delay, a program of the use of electronic means in public procurement. The figure could be higher or lower, but it seems clear that there is a likelihood real save if we innovate by investing in technologies that make procurement in public administration processes more transparent and competitive. According to the report, in this same sense is pronounced on electronic public procurement EU Green Book, pointing out; It is essential that the EU Member States undertake, as soon as possible, mechanisms enabling electronic public procurement, in an interoperable, Pan-European rear-facing environment, it seems that the number of 7,000 million has become a magic number of our crisis in Spain: in the article the world of 10 April, where it can save in health, they say: seven billion. This is the new magic number, the amount of money that the Government intends to cut in healthcare in his article of May 5, the Government will inject 7 billion to clean up Bankia, reads Bankia faces the inevitable: be aided by the Government. And according to sources of the Executive cited by Expansion, the amount needed for sanitation is 7,000 million euros. Well, we all know that this figure was only the beginning and that I went up as the weeks passed and today we can not be sure of what will be the final amount.