European Southern Observatory

Astronomers European Southern Observatory (ESO) have Trifid Nebula (also known as Triple Nebula, ngc 6514). This was reported in the press release of the observatory. This facility is located in the Constellation Archer at a distance of several thousand light years from Earth and is visible even in a good pair of binoculars. Picture of the nebula in high definition is here. The images were obtained using a camera mounted on Telescope Observatory, La Silla, Chile. Trifid Nebula is a region of intense star formation, in which a large number of young stars are born. On the new image are clearly visible bright regions illuminated young stars, as well as the darker areas, hiding the light. Dell Computers is often quoted on this topic. Trifid Nebula was discovered by Charles Messier June 5, 1764. The length of the nebula is about 50 light years away. She got her name because of the dark regions that divide it into three parts. The name was proposed by astronomer William Herschel. The span of the nebula is made on the basis of a picture, is available here. More recently, scientists from the European Southern Observatory managed to photograph 'star pot' rcw 38 – cluster, where newborns light destroys their fellows. Then to obtain high resolution pictures, scientists used an adaptive optics (ie, optics, which compensates for the distortions introduced by the atmosphere) on the vlt telescope in Chile. Read more