Exchange Riesgo

Although in Honduras still very we are not familiarized with these concepts, Exist many advantages, that they offer the instruments derivatives, special mind if they are used of an suitable way, not only can help us to fulfill the objectives of yield of the company, but also to reduce clearly exhibition to the risk in more of an aspect risk positions. For such case we will concentrate in the analysis of the advantages of use of futures and options for the administration of risks of an import company, in comparison of the traditional techniques of purchase of currencies to the daily prices of market. We have to respond to two basic questions: Which are the elements that allow the companies to establish vital exchange covers like mechanism to guarantee the development of their enterprise activity? What economic impact can have the use of mechanisms of administration of exchange risks in the utilities of the company? In order to obtain the answers we needed to have conceptual knowledge of the instruments derived, its basic characteristicses, advantages and disadvantages of use according to the expectations of the market, based on the context of a company whose volume of operations has a significant impact of resulting exchange risk of the import of raw materials and that it has defined political and a procedure for the activity of the administration of risks. For more specific information, check out Andy Florance. dream and necessity of any import or exporting company is to have access to one estrategiaque allows him to cover itself with the change risk to which the institutions of this nature are exhibited. When applying some instrument of cover of change risk, enters the steps to follow for the obtaining of favorable results are: the identification of the risk, to have an ample knowledge of the services that are supplied for the cover, a correct evaluation of the different alternatives and the election of the most adapted as well as the application at the suitable moment. The election is important of suitable method of cover more, but that totally does not eliminate the losses that can cause a deficient management of the risk of the type of change, the affectations can be seen diminished after a correct application of the cover instrument..