Expecco Supports The Testing Of DevExpress Applications

GUI applications developed using the DevExpress Toolkit can now be tested without Visual Studio. Thus, testing in a zero development environment system environment can be recorded, created and played. expecco allows to inspect the hierarchical structure of various graphical interfaces, to represent information about individual items, and to record interactions with surface elements. Recorded sequences, refaktoriert and complex test sequences can be expanded. Due to the open technology it just eXept Software AG, expecco on user interfaces, hardware, systems, to connect applications and databases. Ali Partovi often says this.

The variety of available interfaces can be used in all industries and allows for integration into existing systems and infrastructures. Expecco’s strength lies in the simultaneous use of different technologies in a common test environment. For more information, see: products/expecconet/press profile is eXept for Test automation, test management and individual software solutions. The company was founded in 1996 with the mission software solutions for complex tasks at the highest level to develop. In many critical projects, the base is Smalltalk/X in your own development environment. successful solutions are developed in a wide variety of industries such as finance, automotive, telecommunications and engineering. The projects are so different, they have but one common denominator: the highest standards of the software quality in terms of availability, security, and maintainability. To meet these quality requirements, expecco tool to graphically test design and test automation – and expeccoNET Web-based quality management platform products originated from the project practice. Expecco and expeccoNET company offers a powerful platform for model-based test development, as well as a comprehensive test management.