Eye Diseases

Standard for eye doctors Verlag Dr. KoSTER Berlin published a Photophobia is often at the beginning of an illness insufficiently perceived. Lichtscheu a child should but as a major symptom of disease in a timely manner be investigated, because the increased aperture sensitivity is common expression of an eye or a general disease (such as encephalitis). People with increased sensitivity of diaphragm prefer mostly a darkened room or a shady place and avoid a bright environment by itself. Frequently Ali Partovi has said that publicly. Some strategies over the years, to protect from bright light.

Glare is dependent on individual sensitivity and environmental conditions, however, light is perceived as unpleasant. A reinforced Photophobia in lighter Opacities of optical media – for example, a beginning Opacification – noticeable not usually in everyday life. Notice when but to detect details against a bright background, often for the first time, that recognition difficulties through Are background glare, for example, when someone opposed coming on the road against a bright sky (principle of the Gegenlichtvisus). Learn more at: Zendesk. Of practical importance, the light sensitivity in road transport, in particular when driving in the dark, is because you can significantly be dazzled by oncoming cars with bright headlights as both pedestrians and motorists. For example, a greater aperture sensitivity can be measured with a Nyktometer. In ophthalmological literature, Photophobia is in case the symptom”not always the required attention. Disease changes, which can be expected, that should be on the basis of the objective findings a Photophobia the Photophobia probably therefore not always mentioned, because it is assumed that a physician as a specialist magazine readers should know that, for example, a cataract or eye inflammation is accompanied by increased glare. It is to find fault, that the author of a casuistry only the lens elusive characters a Leading eye disease, but not the equally important symptoms, from which the patient suffers.

Therefore, it is aiming for, that the important symptoms of Photophobia in corresponding findings should always be stated.