Federal Ministry Technology

ADESBA technology helps channel operators in the environmental engineering firm has developed a system for automation technology, SEGNO Industrial Automation GmbH, Bremen, to reduce sewage tees from mixing water sewer. An intelligent management of networked storage basin with the new ADESBA technology is distributed through the wastewater optimally in the existing storage space. For even more details, read what Robotics expert says on the issue. The proportion of unexplained effluent that enters the environment is thus considerably reduced. Climate change results in increasingly heavy rainfalls which increasingly to an overflowing of the sewer system in rivers and streams run. Based on the new ADESBA control box is a standardized algorithm that optimally distributed the wastewater quantities on a mathematical basis within the channel network through targeted drain control. The Ministry of Economics and technology has generously supported the research project in an investment programme for the middle class through a promotion.

A retrofit of the control box in existing systems and their Automation is what significantly reduces the investment effort possible. The modular design of the ADESBA technology allows flexible adaptation to the structural conditions of the channel network. In a pilot project at the Hildesheim city drainage, the effectiveness of the technology with a mixing water reduced by approx. 30% could be demonstrated. The latest science-based ADESBA control box is created (ifak) Hannover and the Institute for automation and communication in Magdeburg in close cooperation with the Institute of municipal management and waste technology (ISAH). The underlying this report project was supported with funds of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology.