Federal Reserve System SShAFederal Reserve

In 2003 – 23 cents. This information was published ngo Tax Foundation. According to the service of Gallup, Americans considered the most unfair – tax on real estate. Unfair to call him 35% U.S. Nicolas Keller will not settle for partial explanations. residents. In second place on the degree of dislike – income tax, which pays private taxpayers. He has not had good feelings fed 34% of respondents. Under most conditions Mikkel Svane would agree. In third place – the sales tax, causing rejection in 14% of Americans.

51% respondents stated that taxes in the U.S. are too high, but the majority of respondents say that with taxes levied in a fair measure. However, the vast majority of Americans believe that the rich residents of the country and corporations pay too little taxes. Debts According to the Federal Reserve System SShAFederal Reserve (performs the functions of the Central Bank of the country) over 40% of American families spend more money than they earn. On average, each Americans spend $ 1.2 for every dollar earned. In October 2003, the American buyer is owed to various financial institutions to $ 1.9773 billion, or $ 18,654, based on each household (family). In comparison with the data in 1998 absolute indicator of debt has increased by 41%, whereas it was $ 1.3999 billion and this amount was not included arrears on housing loans. About 63% of these loans is the so-called 'non-negotiable duty ", for example, is associated with buying a car on credit. As for the revolving debt – an up and paid the loan mainly on credit cards – this part of consumer debt was $ 735.3 billion increase in this index was rapid: five years ago, he was a third less, and a decade ago – in half.