Federal Reserve System

Does EA would do if it has to care for someone and failure behaviour? Surely, it will try to blame what happened on that someone and will propose tougher measures to prevent that you again derailed. This will prevent receiving the blame on something you have been assigned to EA Although this seems a very childish solution, that is what the Fed and the SEC in the United States and other regulatory bodies have done and oversight in the rest of the economies affected directly by the crisis subprime, that instead of assuming the responsibilities of what has happened, have tried by all means, dissociate itself from the blame. And to demonstrate some type of action or reaction (logically delayed), it is that they are working on the regulatory aspects to avoid that this same happen again. I’m not saying it is wrong that they decide to increase control over financial institutions, but what I say is that, as always, these measures come at the wrong time, and it is likely that they are insufficient to prevent the next crisis. In this sense, the Federal Reserve and the SEC, are close to reaching a formal agreement for the supervision of the financial system. According to published mainstream media specialized in the United States.UU, both institutions are moving in the design of mechanisms to share information that will supposedly allow them to have a perspective broader and continuous on the financial institutions that are key and the markets that could impact the stability of the financial system. They still do not agree on what power should concentrate the Fed and what not. I imagine that, after what happened, the discussion should turn lathe not responsibilities want to assume, but which avoid. But really is a higher level of access to the information by those entities or tighter control which prevented detecting intraoperative little whites for the financial system? It would be very strange that the answer was affirmative, since all market knew about these operations and the mechanisms used.