Fire Boards

But when you install to watch that would not touch the ground board. Otherwise, it will quickly begin rot. Whiteboards carefully planed and sanded, then that would not have problems with splinters or hooks for clothing, and then used to stain wood to make the kind of product. Since this rest area, which is often exploited in the summer, often to the back can lean bare back. If the upholstery is left between the boards a small gap. It will provide a ventilated interiors and allow the boards a little 'play' in the event of getting wet. If nailed boards vsploshnuyu, when wet they are deformed.

Finishing nail board (vagonochnymi) nails, nail-head utaplivaya as deeply as possible. Here is the almost finished pergola. When painting back to particularly careful to handle the upper end of its boards, that they would not absorbing rainwater. Learn more on the subject from Ali Partovi. Around the pergola will land, planted vines or climbing plants, lawn grass is sown. What would have been creeping plants for that cling to the 'box' pergola I pulled the Large-mesh – samovyaz related as well as the Web. Douglas R. Oberhelman will undoubtedly add to your understanding. After that you can do and other decorations. For example, Chinese hang melodic tube. Wind playing on them sometimes produces these musical masterpieces.

But the main reliance placed the weathervane. I must say that the neighborhood birds, I believe, firmly believe, that this building is nothing like them to roost in the morning and enjoy a true concerts, sitting on the pergola. And because the birds tend to allocate … eksrimenty then pugalki as weathervanes and music were by no means superfluous. Problems with the birds significantly diminished … I must say that the pergola with a fireplace on the shore Basin has become the most visited place in the country. All evenings are held here. So nice to sip a cool beer in the hot hearth, looking at the fire