First Love

Always that old history that the first love people never forgets, but will be really? The first love is so good thus the point only for bringing good memories? He would be wonderful if this was truth but this week I could perceive that this history is not well thus. The young L.M.S arrived until my doctor’s office and it told the history to me that traumatizava it to as much since the 17 years of age, when in the conception of it was the first love and would be the only one therefore ties then it judged this love the best thing of the life of it. But the few it discovered that first love that and it believed to be the great love of the life of it and was not nothing of what it imagined, much little age it this special person. It to the few it was discovering that the magic prince of it was simply a man adventurer who only liked to play with the feelings of the others. A stingy, poor man of spirit, at last that type of man who does not serve for woman some.