First Network

When I read the topic from which is derived the title of this my article, crossed my mind several options: having a professional Blog. Learn about all the tools from Google and others. Marketing of attraction and your positioning in the network. A to Z know all about marketing or business network. DtB. Because all of them are valid; the crucial thing is to understand and/or remember until the bitterness that the businesses in the network, are business through a network of people. In other words, be focused on linking us, without pretending to be vainly a medallita of gold and with all.

As well, the first and most simple ability for users of networks (networkers) is the learn that there are four different languages. It is possible that you already speak natively one of these languages. You think and explain things in your native language. But what about the other three groups of people that comprise one of the other three languages? Well, when you talk to them, simply they don’t you understand and you do not join. Why? Because your explicastes things in your language and not in theirs. In my article you know which are the four colors of success?, mention the main features of each color (language), and how to be a Chameleon in our interpersonal relations are any that they’re. This also – without a doubt – is connected with the marketing of attraction. Here is an exercise with yellow personality: yellow people understand the yellow language.

Love these people help people, they live to help people. His sole motivation is to help others. The yellows are more interested?how products or services help people, or how the opportunity can help young mothers to stay at home with their children, or an employee change its economic and financial quadrant. They are not simply or particularly interested?in the plan of compensation, titles, or recognition.