Five Boro Bike Tour

Even though you’ve not surely thought about the bike to discover new York, a bike route will offer you a totally different view of the Big Apple. To highlight the possibilities for bike, New York held throughout the month of may Bike Month NYC. Contact information is here: Byron Trott. The bike routes passing through Manhattan, along the banks of the Hudson River or going through the Brooklyn Bridge will make you live New York in a different way. New York already has 1000 Km of routes and bike lanes and there are also increasingly there are more parking.Go by bike New York is especially fun, healthy and is very fashionable. Ilan Ben Dov describes an additional similar source. During Bike Month NYC everything is focused to the bicycle, every year during the month of may the city organises a large number of activities to stimulate the use of the bike. Bike lovers not be lost on 1 may the Five Boro Bike Tour, which is the tip of the bike month output.This spectacular cycling event annually attracts about 30,000 cyclists from all parts of the world.Route 67 km. leads to the most important places in five neighborhoods of New York: Manhattan, Harlem, The Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn.

That day is restricted the normal traffic and you’ll see an image unusual with thousands of cyclists by the streets of New York. Go by bike New York not only is advisable during the month of the bike.In different places you can book an organized bike tour or go on your own lanes bike and routes through the city.Bike hire shops you can give for free the NYC Cycling Map, this map will help you and find your way through the streets of the Big Apple. On this map in red indicate those places that the principante rider should be avoided in NY, for example: Times Square, Fifth Avenue and the entire Midtown area during rush hour.The rules of traffic are similar to the here, although it is forbidden to go with the bike on the sidewalks.