Fixing System

Such a system of fixing an order of magnitude more reliable than plastic fasteners and more aesthetically beautiful than metal. This mounting system does not have any minus. Especially such a system is not replaceable attachment, if you decide to put a mosquito net Antikoshka. As for the grid antikoshka, it is specially designed mosquito nets. Its aim was The need to prevent the situation, the possibility of loss of a pet from a window. This mesh is a thin and heavy-duty nylon cord bathed in PVC.

Such a grid is unable to break away not only a cat, but people. Cell of such a network as well as the fiberglass mesh is 1 mm, which allows air to pass easily into the room, and insect forever close the path to your apartment. Grid Antikoshka has one drawback. She is black color, and therefore somewhat obscures the light aperture. But at the same time it scares the animals away from open windows. Black – it does not much to pay for preserving the life of your pet. Not less the popularity of roller blinds have mosquito nets. It is not replaceable nets for roof windows, as these windows have the axis of rotation, and when you open the window sash goes both for the outer and inner side of the wall.

When such a situation, no other network is installed at the window can not be. Here comes to the aid of roller grid, because roller grid is a grid, which is sliding on vertical guides, is removed in box (shutters), located in its upper part. Such nets can be installed on windows and on doors. The advantage of such networks is that they at any time can remove (hide) and release the window opening without removing the grid box. Recently in Moscow decided to build houses with glazed balconies and loggias. Glazing of balconies carried profile Providal. But in these boxes is not provided full-time installation of mosquito grids. Therefore, their installation is conducted in private. Often people will sheathe the inside of the balcony before the installation of mosquito nets, and the closed profile, which should be fixed. And the trouble the customer, if he would call in firm is not competent in this matter. Having received the reply that in this case nothing can be done, he will be forced to make friends with the flies and mosquitoes. I will tell you a mystery: We did not do so. In sliding mosquito nets, as in the framework You can set the grid Antikoshka and Antipyl. As for the mosquito net Antipyl, it is indispensable if you have front of house growing poplar, and therefore to you flies in the light poplar aphid, which the rest of the grid is not a hindrance. Do not listen to those who are not having in your arsenal grid Antipyl will convince you that a simple grid will not allow glow to sneak into your home. Finally, for those who are trying to do his original home, there was a mosquito Pleated mesh. This unique Italian designer will give your home an inimitable charm. Pictures of all the nets can be viewed on our website. If you decide to install mosquito nets, call. We help you solve your problem. We have not solved problems there.