German-language Extension For CRM Daylite On The Mac Available

Daylite, the popular on the Mac business software package for professional CRM, contact and team management, is now the free German-language extension available for Daylite productivity suite, the popular Mac business software package for professional CRM, contact management, team management, is available immediately, the free German-language extension. Bendorf, July 28, 2010 – the years of waiting have an end: now German-speaking user 3.11 Daylite and Daylite Server 3.11 with a localized user interface can use, what considerably simplifies the use in companies and increases the acceptance of the users. The German-speaking expansion includes the localization of the program interfaces for the Daylite Productivity Suite 3.11 with the Apple Mail plug-in DMI and Daylite Server 3: 11 Also localized templates for reports and print layouts, as well as a German-language database template that facilitates the Daylite newcomers are included in Daylite. The app Daylite touch for the iPhone is already from the outset localized, so that now exists in the whole program package with German-language interface. Information of the Canadian Marketcircle Daylite manufacturer to the German localization characteristics of the German localization to the English-language version was a new field salutation for contacts recorded, to depict individual styling (Hello, good day, dear / r, dear etc.).

Also, the order of the input fields for addresses in contacts and organizations adapted the local habits. Organisations, the company name field is now two-line long record names. Free download for Daylite users and interested parties more information and the download link, Daylite users on the German site to Daylite is free webcasts Daylite with a powerful and complex business product for Apple systems that is nevertheless easy to use if you know the basic concepts. We recommend therefore the participation of regular and free new prospects Live webcasts to the telephony integration, Daylite and Daylite touch FoneConnector to win a first in-depth overview.