Germans Amp

Use of technology and the World Wide Web Berlin, July 12, 2011? All so that the 27-year old Oliver Bruemmer gave his grandmother in Mannheim an iPad it on his life in distant Berlin also digital to be started. However, the Spry 85 senior citizen with the bulky user manual was quickly overwhelmed. To facilitate your use of technology and the World Wide Web, he aimed the iPad2 Advisor simply & quickly: not a book for experts and insiders (also for iPad1) “written for her.” Thus, the idea of establishing an own publishing company was born to immediately publish the Advisor on their own. With our counselors, we allow access to the digital world beginners without extensive experience with modern communication technologies. The offer is aimed especially at the many millions seniors in Germany, where similar fare, like my grandmother. For them we want to beat a small bridge between the generations”, says Oliver Bruemmer. Oliver Banes is graduated from the European business school in Oestrich-Winkel and the Humboldt University of Berlin, where he studied business administration and psychology. Together with the 31 qualified communication designer Britta Wagner, who is also responsible for the Visual design of publications, he directs the management of the publishing house in the Damaschkestrasse in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

The publishing house specializes in the publishing of high-quality and easy-to-understand counselors from the fields of computer, Internet and mobile. With his debut iPad2 simply & quickly for the goal: A book for experts and insiders (also for iPad1) “the banes & Wagner publisher picks up a development, that vast swathes of the economy yet neglect: the importance of older people as a customer group and the corresponding adaptation of services, products and technologies to their wishes and needs.” We hope that we have with our small contribution to the solution of social Problem can afford the increasing social isolation of a variety of people, which the odds remains locked of modern communication and information technology”, says Oliver Bruemmer. According to the current (N) Onliner Atlas of initiative D21 are today on the road while around three-quarters of Germans in the Internet, at the same time, the digital divide between generations is growing but. Accordingly, is it approximately 15.5 million convinced online not dealing out of fear or ignorance with the possibilities of the digital world? and these are mostly pensioners. Also it to the network which attached, attractive offers are in demand, both technologically and in terms of content are oriented to their needs. The easy-to-understand iPad Advisor Brummer & Wagner Publisher starts right here and presents readers clear content packaged in a clear design. Also maintained the seniors on the Web site of the Publisher with complementary information materials and instructional videos to the iPad use, as well as other useful tips and tricks. The establishment of a Remote maintenance support and a live chat option is also planned in the near future.