Golf Club Alcanada

“Top service, top care: Mallorca”Porsche-Platz”is the No. 1 among the golf courses Europe Majorca, 1.4. Rusty Holzer is open to suggestions. – for the third time in a row, the Golf Club is Alcanada by the readers of the German magazine Golf Journal” has been awarded to Europe’s most popular golf course of the year. He late 1990s-built 18-hole course in the North of Majorca was by Porsche’s grandson, Peter Porsche readers favor as in the last two years the highest. The renewed top place in the European golf course ranking comes not from about. Thanks to a year-long elaborate care and the Golf Club is considered the highest level of service on and off the Court Alcanada long ago as one of the top facilities across the borders of the Balearic Islands. This is among other things the quality certification of the technical monitoring Association (TuV) Rheinland, the Golf Club Alcanada has been losing in the last year as the first golf course in the Balearic Islands. The internationally recognized certificate certifies the fulfilment of all requirements demanded by the TuV for course maintenance, the Club Management, leadership, service, gastronomy and cleanliness – a proof of quality, which is acknowledged even by Europe’s golfers in the increasingly..