Governing Council

As for advance payment of aid cap of the 2010 campaign it should be clarified that the 50% amount refers only to the allocation of single payment, and therefore it does not include 50% of the amounts corresponding to the specific lines of aid which have decoupled, in particular, olivar arable, goats and citrus crops. Therefore, and in view of the above, hoped that the second payment of direct aid planned for the second half of December include these amounts, thus leaving established as definitive by charging them – the amount of provisional duty communicated early in the year and that if included the decoupling of the aforementioned financial aid. Example: A farmer has. Why perceived 1,000.00 assigned a rights single payment entitlements, and it came perceiving 75,00 help to the surface for its exploitation in dependent of the olive growing area being located. This farmer should have charged as advance payment 50% about 500,00, taking collection 575.00 earring for the second half of December. From December 1 is allowed 50 percent of aid to the single payment scheme, including also the approximately EUR 220 million in Andalusia the decoupling of aid for arable crops, olive trees, goats and citrus. Although the date most likely collection is as you mentioned from the second half of the same month. Addition to the above, the Governing Council has approved draft law del Olivar, which extends support of the Board measures to ensure world leadership in this sector, the main economic activity of 250,000 families in more than 300 municipalities of Andalusia.The Minister of agriculture and fisheries, Clara Aguilera, has underlined the relevance of this law, unique in Europe for a sector such as the olive tree, which has stressed its strategic nature as a source of wealth and employment, social cohesion, high value environmental and Configurator of the territory and the Andalusian culture system element.