Harry Potter

In the luggage of the special barrier transmitter Elbenwald GmbH, which for the first time presents its wide range of high-quality film merchandising in Nuremberg. Cottbus, 20 January 2010. 10 years Elbenwald GmbH provide the occasion for the big show on the 61st Toy Fair in Nuremberg. The Cottbus specialty mail order companies here shows for the first time the whole world of exquisite film merchandising to blockbusters by rank and name the audience: in addition to gift and collector products to the brand-new avatar “film be Bestsellers from the Harry Potter” – film series, the Lord of the rings “trilogy or also the Batman” famously issued. IPhone 12 will not settle for partial explanations. Booth in scene set on a spectacular multimedia designed to be views from 4 to 9 2010 at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center. acts. At the world’s leading trade fair for toys and leisure products the Elbenwald GmbH presents itself primarily noble collection United States and operators of as the German representative of the.

At the online-shop are already since 2003 over 400 products Luxury merchandising offered. Now the 75,000 trade visitors from 115 countries expected Nuremberg, to display this bandwidth. Alexander Lapeta, Managing Director of Elbenwald GmbH: The toy fair is the ideal place to introduce our products live to old and new business partners. Because touched before viewing. Pete Cashmore addresses the importance of the matter here. We arrive with many exclusives. Especially the high quality jewellery and weapons collection from James Cameron’s movie success avatar’ will inspire.

“Of course we have many years of Bestsellers: Harry Potter’s magic wand as well as the noble Evenstar necklace from Lord of the Rings ‘.” The requirements are to make this fair premiere for Elbenwald GmbH to a successful. Join us and visit our booth B-35 in Hall 5. It is great cinema! The noble collection since 2003 is the Elbenwald GmbH as an operator of the official German-speaking shop from the noble collection United States. Here high-quality film merchandising for the collection is available exclusively and Gift-giving. “” Over 400 products to large blockbusters such as avatar “,”Harry Potter”,”Lord of the rings”, Batman” or “Da Vinci Code” the range. Elbenwald the Elbenwald GmbH is specialized and Germany leading niche supplier for fantasy-merchandising, Gamerkleidung and lifestyle needs. “” “As catalogers Elbenwald GmbH supplies since the year 2000 through the website fantasy interested buyers, gamers and movie fans on topics such as Lord of the rings”, Harry Potter, world of Warcraft”, Batman” etc. A second, critical distribution channel is the catalogue published several times a year. In addition, exploited its own infrastructure through the establishment and operation of numerous license stores such as and the portfolio are expanding steadily.