“” Library with good proximity to flat screen and sound system multimedia cow has high-definition television with the broadcast of the first HD “and ZDF HD ‘ catchment held in German living rooms. Especially in regard to the playback of HD content the digital HDMI interface is no longer away to think. The full digital transmission of audio and video data via HDMI ensures genuine home cinema picture quality and more comfort. However, especially when combinations of devices of from different manufacturers again and again, there are incompatibilities. It can happen that the flatscreen of the brand X is not TV receiver or A/V amplifier of brand Y and no picture comes. Often, therefore, there is confusion when installing a home theater system. Questions about the support of the different manufacturers often end in statements that basically the different brands cause the communication problem.

This can quickly lead to frustration rather than joy at the new facility. Hedron from Stockach on Lake Constance provides not only the home Entertainment system multimedia cow”, which combines anyway already as well as all conceivable entertainment devices in a device. The company also has long-standing know-how for multi-vendor help. What does that mean, and how caring the multimedia cow to good-neighbourly relations to TV and sound system? Once is a TV or sound system using the Hedron library, so these can be adjusted so smart hardware solutions, that everything plays together smoothly. The library for example automatically adjusts screen resolution to the respective application. A Blu-ray disc is playing resolution and 24 Hz refresh rate with a full HD, to deliver the best possible image quality. One then goes on the Internet platform, so the screen resolution is set automatically so that the text even from your sofa is readable.

If now the TV or a particular brand of amplifier cannot process these changes, the library of Hedron has opportunities Adjustment on the devices. Solution competence is more than ever required for the rapid changes in the world of entertainment. Then it works well in practice and not just theoretically – live TV, video and music library, photos, messages and Internet in the living room. Information about the Hedron library can be requested directly from the manufacturer.