Hot Chairs

Exercise "hot chair". One of the members of the group sits on the "hot chair". Others sit semi-circle. "Look at the man in the chair. Try, based on their associations, to describe and make suggestions on its future.

So, how man he sees you in five years, as it will change what will happen to him? Think and talk about their thoughts. " When the group speaks, the "hot chair" is silent, not giving feedback. He is given the floor only when the latter spoke of the group members. The psychologist asked sitting in his chair: "And what seems to you your future? Tell us about it. What do you expect from your future? What do you fear about the future? "Once Each member of the group sat down on the "hot chair", held a panel discussion.

That feel? What were they thinking? That I wanted to do, sitting on a chair? What feelings and thoughts evoked expression of members of the alleged future? Exercise "change places, those who " Chairs are placed around, one less than the participants. The first leader gives the command sitting on a chair: "I place those who ", while he finishes the sentence as sees fit. All the above applies to anyone, change places, and leading at this point should have time to occupy any free space. Party left without seats and becoming the next leader. Lesson 6. Letters of anger. Purpose: study of the motives own aggressive behaviors, the expression of negative emotions.