Immune System

Let's just count the weight of the human brain … an average of 1400g. That is equal to 2.5-3.0% by weight of the body. However, the volume consumed oxygen by the brain is 20% of the volume consumed by the entire body. It is not difficult to understand that the brain requires large amounts of oxygen, compared with other organs. CAPSULE 'shark liver oil "in the main substance of this drug – squalene. (96%) Squalene is widely used in traditional and alternative medicine, so many countries around the world call it "Miraculously, all-powerful oil," "Holy substance," "substance, carrying oxygen." In case of insufficiency of oxygen are obstacles to the regeneration of brain cells and nerve fibers.

Not fully utilize the nutrients, which leads to the manifestation of symptoms, evidence of hypoxia. Eating squalene help fill oxygenated blood and brain, thus, improve intellectual ability, your body fills with energy. From lack of oxygen most affected heart cells, so drugs on the basis of squalene in patients with congestive heart failure, need to strengthen the heart muscle, which sits on a starvation diet. Together with vitamin (E), which is included in these capsules, squalene protects cells from blood vessel damage, because of which the arteries cholesterol begins to settle. One study found that a daily intake of 860mg squalene enhances the ability of drugs to reduce holesterinponizhayuschih LDL and raise HDL content in the blood. Perennial painstaking study of squalene suggest that this is an amazing substance in combination with vitamin (E) reduces the tumor by more than 33%. So that the body can successfully fight disease need a strong immune system, and for the normal functioning of the immune system needs constant supply of oxygen. Squalene improves a number of indicators of activity of the immune system, especially its ability to counteract the growth of cancer tumors and enhances the overall immunity, and with increasing dosage and improved indicators of immunological tests.