Inaugurated Transmitter Facilities

On February 4 this year, the President of the nation, was inaugurated in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina, the transmitter facilities of the open Digital Television (TDA). The model proposed by the Argentine Government of TDA provides for social inclusion, cultural diversity, the strengthening of the industry, the promotion of employment, scientific and technological development, with television quality content and participation of citizens. Unlike other countries, digital television in Argentina will not be managed by private, so it will be free and open. Planning for a move from the old to new technology, totally phased, where initially co-exist both signals, so that all who have not moved to the new rule can continue watching television. This technology allows to have more available television signals, it also will generate content in high definition (HDTV), although this option will not be fully functional in the first stage, where most of the programs will continue broadcasting in definition (SDTV) standart. The new station opened in Mar del Plata, digital TV will offer coverage of signal to a 15 localities in the departments of General Alvarado, General Pueyrredon and sea Chiquita.Se estimated that more than 200,000 homes, centers of health, large number of schools, clubs and other institutions of public interest may receive your digital decoder for totally free. Currently digital television open, features 14 channels, although it is planned to add new signals.