Increased Productivity

Introduction of a new ERP software at Eltec technology leads to the considerable increase in the transparency of all business processes & improve productivity the Eltec technology increase the transparency of all business processes & improve productivity, Brunn Valley is one of the most innovative providers of special cables and special solutions for wiring systems in Germany. The Eltec technology customers come from the sectors of industry, automotive, as well as the air & space and are among the most prestigious addresses in the European industry. Continuous technical innovations, coupled with a consistent implementation of the service & quality principle, Eltec technology make a strong partner in the European market. Investment in the future of the requirements of mid-market in terms of production efficiency and precise cost management are increased significantly in the European competition in recent years. Eltec technology turns this challenge with the enterprise-wide implementation of ERP software to a results in significant improvement of all business processes. The prerequisite for this is one through the ERP software caused considerably increase the transparency in the production, the personnel and document management as well as determination and allocation of the costs incurred in the production.

Optimization of business processes & reduce of costs allows you to efficient inventory management the use of the new ERP software at Eltec technology from now on a continuous acquisition and tracking of all products and components of the goods receipt of the production to the finished product. In the goods receipt in the future each product is provided with a bar code. This enables a highly efficient inventory management that is specifically focused on a just in time delivery. Needed a precise knowledge of necessary production materials, the current stock and for the planned production quantities and qualities guarantee a timely delivery of orders. Quality control & quality assurance the implementation of the ERP software has direct Impact on the quality and the quality of the manufactured products.