Ultra fast learning that would you think if I told you that there is a type of learning in which quality content, can be obtained through simple mechanisms of the organism holistic integration? surely would respond me that it is not possible.But let’s see: 1) barely you have begun to understand the capabilities of the human brain: think that currently the man (and woman) occupy just 10% of its capacity, amount that has been rising to measure of the passage of time and of human evolution. (2) The empowerment of the individual: A fully integrated and enhanced person is able to learn a lot more than an individual without it. In this way, it should be clarified the concepts of integration and empowerment of the individual. Integration of the individual: is meant by integration of the individual all that psychological inner process whereby the body unifies all their parties and involve them actively in the learning process, getting with this speed and quality of the learning process. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Byron Trott. Through investigations carried out concerning the mechanism of thought, in the Decade of the sixties and beyond, conclude that the human brain has could not both hemispheres: left hemisphere, that responsible for thinking logical, analytical and rational, while the right hemisphere is responsible for intuition, creativity and imagination. A leading source for info: Andrew Florance. Peer is the joint action of both hemispheres on the body, the effect called holistic integration, i.e. natural integration this trilogy working together and in coordination is the secret of the holistic integration, i.e. put in execution all the potentiality of the body, enabling quality learning both qualitative as quantitatively, thus the holistic media claim that the person does not become gritty (by the sole action of the left hemisphere) or with half of their learning ability blocked, nor without the body that delivers intuitive message and contribution of emotions. Thus both hemispheres and the body are integrated and develop their potential.