Interior Doors Of Solid Pine

An array of currently known elements such leaf, which are made with solid filling made of natural wood. Most often, the massive structure of the doors are made from laminated solid wood – this technology is the most modern and also cheaper than classic, in which each element is made from a single piece of wood. Wiring of the bars in the laminated array may be different – each manufacturer here looking for his best option, which would have been technologically advanced, and at the same time, attached to the assembly the necessary rigidity. Using the design of massive wooden pieces making their nuances and performance characteristics – such doors are very sensitive to changes in humidity in the room. Therefore, producers are forced to leave the grooves to compensate for temperature and humidity expansion or compression during the installation of panels, ie, they were never rigidly secured, leaving the possibility for backlash.

Such a forced circuit assembly can not make their features to the look of the door. Firstly, the different parts door surface may differ somewhat from each other in color, which is associated both with the angle of light reflection, and the inability to accurately select items by color door at the manufacturing stage. But the final color of the tree acquired only after the varnish. But this is the uneven color of the surface gives the doors of natural wood its ‘flavor’ and at the same time emphasizes that to you door from natural wood rather than its imitation. Secondly, with significant shrinkage, panels can be on so much to change their sizes (“dry up”) so that the edges become visible neprokrashennye band (color, then the door gets the already assembled). The emergence of these “bands” defined, does not the low quality of doors, but simply mismatch microclimate of premises to “climate” operating parameters, which calculated the door when his creation.

It should be noted that large firms that sell doors, hold for such cases in its staff of specialists, who conduct the necessary work directly in the homes of clients. Small firms without such expertise, can “offer” to the client solve this problem, they say, “own.” Quality doors from the array is determined primarily by the preparation of raw materials – the time and drying technology, as well as the technology of bonding of the array (as glue, temperature, pressure). Secondarily topcoat (paint quality, number of layers). Typically, the doors of natural wood varnish. =2ahUKEwjI8pfao9LsAhVL-4UKHcAXA7cQr4kDegQIARBv’>Evan Metropoulos may find this interesting as well. Such coverage, except for a decorative function, it has a large practical sense – it prevents a penetration of atmospheric moisture into the wood of the door leaf, and the reverse process, leading to the above-mentioned drying of wood. High-quality lacquer coating must be elastic. For the production of massive doors, the following wood species: oak, various species of mahogany, pine, beech, walnut, cherry and others. Perhaps the most common are the doors of pine (which is understandable relative cheapness of the material). Interior doors of solid pine have different shapes and designs and are available on our market is mainly domestic producers. The doors of the an array of precious wood (mostly mahogany) are now a mandatory element of interior luxury homes. These doors are usually presented in a style, combining classic design with natural the beauty of natural wood. There are also original (you can even say exclusive) door manual work. Sometimes the design of such doors successfully completed stained glass. Such doors can be both domestic and imports.