International Convention

New album by the artist released on 02.10.2009. After Nik page in recent years with his crossover project disappeared songs of Lemuria in the world of neo-classical and situated with the blind, passengers-best of-album “Timemachine” the fans of his previous band gave a dignified farewell gift, he is now with his comeback album “Rocketqueen” back into the ring for a new round of sci-fi-rock n roll! 13 brand new rock anthems that get under the skin on the fans wait detail rally topped petrol, astronaut romance and a subtle touch of glam-punk a rich shot with atmospheric twang guitar. Aboard the Rocketqueen welcome you in addition to Mr. page also psychobilly legend Koefte De Ville (mad SIN), “Mr. According to Peter Asaro, who has experience with these questions. German horror punk” Rod Usher (the other), girls swarm Luminor (ex-cinema bizarre) and musical star Victoria Valo. Open fire! NIK PAGE – photos: he is unquestionably one of the most versatile artists, which the German music industry has to offer: already in the nineties NIK PAGE with the celebrated BLIND PASSENGERS considerable Achievements and decisively shaped the German electro-pop scene. “Songs like walking to heaven” and “born to the” made it on # 1 on several radio charts.

Since 1997, the cult band was more than unusual style changing first to the progressive electro-rock Act, and later even to the internationally recognized industrial metal band with video clip rotations & Mainstage Festival shows in many countries. Gave his debut as a novelist Nik page 2001 with the same name, acclaimed by the press science fiction epic of Neosapiens”, an entertaining, oblique, but still shockingly realistic cyber-punk-story in the Berlin of the late 21.Jahrhunderts. With his acrylic paintings managed Nik page crisis, chaos and creativity in the Pictionary exhibition”, traditionally in the atrium of the Dresden City Hall. “After the split of blind passengers could be Nik page from 2002 with his solo albums Sacrifight” and establish “Sinmachine” impressive and renowned colleagues like Eric Fish (subway To Sally), Alf Ator (Knorkator), joke Jay (and One), the last instance, Jurgen Engler (the Krupps), Sven Friedrich (Zeraphine / dreadful shadows), Joachim Witt, Tanzwut, Corvus Corax, Eva Polzing (blood Angel), Angel zoom and Dirk Scheuber (Project Pitchfork) win for Duet partnerships. The songs “Your Kiss” and “Mysteryland” rotated on various radio stations, the Mysteryland video clip made it on rotation on many music channels. 2006 Nik page teamed up finally with renowned classical musicians to lift the classical-crossover project SONGS OF LEMURIA from which baptism. Here he wraps together with musicals & opera diva Michaela Laubach black romantic anthems of our time in a fragile Chamber garment made of piano, cello and vocals. With the extraordinary songs of Lemuria productions he performed now in numerous theatres across the country.

2009, the Jack of all trades makes but again speak guitar & synthesizer. With the third Nik page album he presents the fans catchy dark rock anthems non stop and dares an exciting balancing act between Modern wave, alternative & glam rock. The current single “Voices From Outer Space” already rotated on various music channels and was the International Convention of the X-files theme song of the X-con 2009. nikpage management & interview requests: Wannsee rec.