Israeli Arabs

So far is caught an Arab teenager, who acknowledges having left unintentionally ashes without shutting down after making a campfire with friends. However the matter is not clear, since fires occurred simultaneously in places distant from each other. As he spent in Australia. The israeli army reported having spotted a vehicle escaping from one of the burned places, and border police arrested two Israeli Arabs who tried to set fire to a forest near Jerusalem on Saturday night. The inhabitants of the Arab village of Furadis, South of Haifa, went out to celebrate the fire and did sound the horns of their cars as a sign of rejoicing. A group linked to Al Qaeda, called the Muyajedines of Palestine, glorified crime on their website which incites to commit similar acts of vandalism. Israel is the country that has planted more trees in the last decades. The trees are creatures of God and like the rest of creation have a complexion that is sacred in Judaism.

Judaism forbids felling trees ignoring certain exceptions only allows pruning them and start its fruit after three years of having planted. Since Biblical times the Jewish people annually celebrates Tu Bishvat, the new year of the trees, following the teachings of the book of Leviticus. Talk about the israeli miracle that turned the desert into a garden, it sounds trite, but Arabs with all their money, have not been able to do the same. Not even interested in buying technology to improve its habitat. They prefer to spend their millions on weapons and Jihad, abetting death. Where are the protests from ecological activists Greenpeace? They will continue assisting their Muslim friends?