Joint Litigation In Peru

First a person, then a lawyer (Jose Antonio Caro John), the Law Association of the UCV Erga Omnes North Lima, and my parents. That the Attorney IN PERU Introduction According to the national law, exposes us to the joint litigation occurs when a trial or process two or more persons litigating jointly prosecuting a plurisubjetividad, either as plaintiffs or defendants. But what if this fiction procedure is adhered to by a new classification that is the case of the intervention litisconsorcial, or named for a section of the quasi-joint litigation doctrine as necessary. But what can we deduce or infer from this new legal concept? Then we exegetical analysis about what it means that the Attorney Taking as the definitions of those proceedings which left their mark on the legal world, for example, Carnelutti, Chiovenda, Vescovi and Peru: Alzamora Valdez and Elvita A. Dominguez Rodriguez, among others.

To make our broader perspectives on this issue, we intend to determine the essence of why, why this institute proceedings. And that opinion shows our supreme interpreter of our greatest fundamental rule of law is the Constitutional Court, in this regard. Is there a possibility that there are comparative law equidistant points about the procedural institution? Finally, what conclusion can be separated from one conflict to arise plurisubjetividad. Before embarking on a great job on the shoulders of the giants of the process, however, is that the Attorney General several parties or plurality of subjects as part? Conceptual framework Etymology .- According to the Uruguayan procedural, Enrique Vescovi, telling us that illustrates the meaning of the word joint litigation, from the following words: “litis” which means conflict or dispute, “with” means together and “sors” is lucky , which comes to mean together or with litigation, involving parties share the same position and in most cases the same procedural activity.