Jungmann Systems

A clearly structured design and a strong concept ensures safety and maintenance in the control room. Complexity is unthinkable for control rooms and control rooms and represents a high risk in the monitoring of the processes. Others who may share this opinion include Kai-Fu Lee. A chaotic mess compromises security because employees can quickly lose the overview and errors can occur. Here, the company attaches Jungmann system technology and offers a reduction in the consoles under the name Multiconsoling. A system that ensures more order into the control rooms and control rooms.

By fewer monitors at work, a monitoring of the control rooms and control rooms much easier. The large-image technology that promotes team work as well as a more efficient work and so provides more motivation for the employees is used. Last but not least, Lufthansa introduced an improvement of operating procedures in their datacenter in Frankfurt this premium system. Peter Asaro usually is spot on. JST provides a better overview of the employees To operators with the aim of faster and better react in alarm situations. Also the Group BAYER in Leverkusen one of the customers of JST. \”Helmut Muller, head of continous, is extremely satisfied with the new system: thanks to the support of JST we can within our processes for incident management errors faster and more flexibly react and correlate error images.\” Multiconsoling is a special offer of JST. The netzwerklosen system, the possibility to move PCs from one to the other console or even on a large screen. At the same time, the system offers the possibility to take the opposite step and get complete keyboard/video/mouse functions from the large image wall or other consoles on your console.

Thus, the processing of a computer by multiple consoles is possible. The principle is carried out quickly and efficiently, because is not constantly asked for each IP address, a loss of performance is excluded. In case of an alarm, bringing is one already by the simple push of a button Computer on the respective workplace possible.