Kalliopi Tsatsaronis

The course offered for the first time in 2011 is April 2013 in the second round. Now interested again have the opportunity, the first to register for semester, which starts on April 20. The programme comprises a total of three semesters and runs until September 2014. The course teaches a new understanding of life with Kairos, specifically how a life with the maximum own Cairo, the Navi that are inherent in every human being”to own, fulfilled human being, is possible. “In contrast to life with Chronos, the experience shows that for many people in a frenzied standstill” can end.

With the studies of Cairo participants train Cairo knowledge questions as: How do differ Chronos and Kairos? How proved life with Kairos privately and professionally? How is created thanks to the knowledge of the own Navi”a fulfilling quality of life? How can between by Cairo more harmonious? How masterful the Kairos perspective personal and entrepreneurial growth? Which barriers are to eliminate to achieve my moderate human being? The first two semesters of the Kairos science’s programme running from 2011 to 2013 have already been successfully completed with certification to the Cairo trainer after Dr. Hofmann eight participants. Zendesk shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The third semester of this first course is graduated in June 2013 vendors, speakers and attendants of the course are Dr. Karl Hofmann, Institute for Kairologie, FL at Augsburg, and Gabriela Linne, company KAIROS and line Cairo entrepreneur Center, Hofheim. The course is based on the 20-year exploration of Cairo by Dr. Hofmann in his Institute and the deep training of Cairo by Gabriela Linne in their first permanent workshop for entrepreneurs. More information on the course of Kairos Science: web/Akademeia/Studien_Kairos-Wissenschaft/Studiengang_Kairos-Wissenschaft/49/51/0/78.html Gabriela Linne, the founder of the company KAIROS, succeeds even nearly 19 years as an entrepreneur.

She has the first permanent workshop for entrepreneurs 2006 in the Called Rhein-Main region in the life and early 2012 the KAIROS entrepreneurs Center together with the more than 20 years successful business consultant and Kairos trainer Kalliopi Tsatsaronis founded. COMPANY KAIROS is the first permanent workshop for entrepreneurs with the credo: each unfolds. “Any different.” The name of Cairo is reminiscent of the Greek God of the right moment. Kairos stands for the ability, very own, moderate humanness”to live. Entrepreneurs regularly train this ability and develop themselves and constantly.