Around XY11 century was invented tube. The use of glass bottles with stoppers made coup in wine storage. Wine in a tightly corked bottle lasts longer taste and aroma. Wine packaging reached perfection. Many of the achievements of ancient wine forgotten, though some have been used successfully and is now in the modern wine production. Oak barrels are used in vintage wine, in the Caucasus use clay pots, buried in the ground, and became a classic glass bottle packaging for wine. Until now, as in the good old days, used the traditional bottle of green, brown glass capacity of 0,75 liter, green and brown glass protects the wine from the harmful effects of sunlight during the long period of its aging in the bottle.

Equipment that is used for bottling wine, too, has changed for hundreds of years. Until H1H century bottling remained manual operation, and all the technical means of production were a primitive mechanical devices, only partly simplify the implementation of the process. But Progress is inexorable, is now bottling almost everywhere is fully automated. Used automatic lines, where human presence is needed only to follow the work of machines. One of the important operations in this line of packaging containers in a beautiful label that the wine stand out.

Each manufacturer develops under every variety of wine colorful labels that reflect the essence of the drink contained, and picks up the equipment for their labels. Labeling equipment for self-adhesive labels in the bottling of wine are used not so long ago, even five or ten years ago, many used the adhesive labels, but they do not suited for quality, you need to pick up the glue that is not always firmly lay down the bottle, label slides, curved edges and the case has many troubles. Technological advances have come to the rescue, innovative technologies firmly part of our lives, one of the innovations were self-adhesive labels. They are easy to use, all-purpose glue is easy to bear on the bottle, the main advantage of self-adhesive labels, convenience when applied to bottle. In the bottling of wine labeling machine for applying labels used two types of rotary machine (Carousel) or linear machine. Rotary machines are used for the containers, which has some monograms, decals brand, etc., which should be clearly fixed, ie bottle has a bottom key value of such machines is very high. Linear labeling machine is not as expensive, more simple to manage, maintain, used to label several labels, sometimes on the bottle is up to six labels.