Many Owners Of A Block CHP Plant Gift Taxes

Press release by: Steuerberater Rudiger cross Hall since early 2011 follows a ruling of the Bundesfinanzhof the financial management and favors small block heat and power plants (CHP). Since then, she built up new obstacles. So we can fight now to time and scope of the right to deduct. As well, the management in certain cases failed an existing trade tax exemption. Some cogeneration plant owner knows his tax possibilities opened up by the Federal fiscal court nor the new risks. He gives away money in the acquisition of his small plant or risk an unexpected tax.

Beginning of 2011 added to the financial management of the opinion of the Bundesfinanzhof and considers tax favors (BFH ruling v. 18.12.2008, V R 80/07, service statement of the Federal Ministry of finance v. 14.03.2011) since even small cogeneration. All possibilities of a large company are owned by CHP open. So, it receives liquidity from early depreciation before commissioning of the small power plant. Additionally, the pilot of the is Acquisition and operating costs be reimbursed.

After the defeat of the Bundesfinanzhof, tax authorities discovered new stumbling blocks. So is well respected on the timely allocation to the business assets and fighting around the perimeter of the deduction if there is VAT-free rental sales. As well, an existing tax freedom can be omitted according to administrative occurrence of commercial BHWK transactions. In particular companies by freelancers and companies of the housing industry are at risk. “Cogeneration plants have almost always tax implications. Who sees only on the technical aspects, giving away money and risking a nasty surprise, as the latest attack shows the financial management on existing tax breaks. Who is doing tax homework in time, will be rewarded. He significantly simplifies the acquisition by the lower financial requirements and creates his own tax shelter. “, explains Steuerberater cross man from Herdecke. Now also companies such as Vattenfall, Volkswagen / LIchtblicke and Deutsche Telekom for CHP are interested in Private real estate. The tax issues will increase with the proliferation of small power plants. More info on tax saving with CHP and photovoltaic power plants and electricity, see accountant contact: Steuerberater Rudiger cross man old field 20 58313 Herdecke 02330 74089 twitter: steuerberater_q