Maria Paula Crown

Steps to follow with the transfer of a structured settlement lump sum Hello all. My name is Maria Paula Crown capital and I’m here to explain the process of access to money of their formal agreement. The following article is destined for recipients of structured agreements that they would like to know the process of sale payments in whole or in part of your annuity. Structured agreements beneficiaries are persons who receive an annuity as a result of a structured settlement of a lawsuit. We also buy fixed annuity single premium which were not the result itself of a demand. Get a quote first step to obtain money for your structured settlement is contact a company’s financing or agent and request a quote. Many places will make you to send faxed documents showing them that has a structured before quote payment agreement.

Corona capital, however does not obligate before sending any document by fax to receive an quote. We work with the best companies in financing and typically our clients can find the highest bid of money. The amount of money you receive is based on the discount rate that charges the company. This percentage can vary from 10 to 25% so it is very important that you take into account before making a transaction structured payment agreement. The smaller the rate, the more money you will receive. The difference in rates could mean thousands of dollars for you.

Collect your structured payment agreement will be a big decision. You might want to get in touch with a financial adviser before doing so. In general terms there is no taxes involved if you decide to change your structured payment, however, locate the accessory of a counter. If you want to know more.