Mirrorless System Camera

Photokina-trends redcoon.de Aschaffenburg, Germany, September 30, 2010. The topic of 3D is the IFA is also one of the most important trends at Photokina. Another innovation of the year 2010 is the mirrorless system camera, which is likely in the future enter into competition with the digital SLR camera at least in the consumer segment. The FINEPIX REAL 3D W3 is the first available 3D camera and comes from the Fuji. It makes 3D photos and 3D HD video that TV in impressive quality can be viewed on any common 3D. The optimal setting selects Auto mode of the camera the 3D, the camera takes three-dimensional videos in HD quality with stereo sound. Of course is the FINEPIX REAL 3D W3 of also a full-featured 2D camera. Important: To view your own photos and films in 3D, you need the appropriate 3D TV with glasses. At redcoon.de the FINEPIX is REAL 3D W3 now available. Panasonic has been a 3D camcorder in the program as one of the first manufacturers with the HDC-SDT 750. This is also now at redcoon available. The exhibitors at Photokina 2010 present as photo trend mirrorless system cameras, first models are already since the beginning of the year on the market. Olympus is one of the leading manufacturers. The current model, the Olympus E-P2 pancake is the successor model of the multiple award-winning DP-1. In contrast to the DSLR camera system works spiegellos, an electronic viewfinder replaced the elaborate look of the DSLR. As a result, the system camera is cheaper in production and easier to use than a digital SLR camera. Enter other major brands in this market: Sony NEX series, Panasonic DMC-G2W and Samsung with the NX100. According to the experts the system camera will soon replace digital SLR (DSLR) camera in the mass market. “redcoon photo expert Tayfun Kaplan: the mirrorless system camera will soon replace the digital SLR in the consumer segment, in the professional field, however, the DSLR will remain.” Olympus among the first producers ever inflicted mirrorless system cameras on the market with the pancake. These Press release and picture material is here to download: press contact cmd/20-2010/a/detail/aid/165: redcoon GmbH Andrea Civan Management Marketing/PR Celtic road 2 D 63741 Aschaffenburg Tel.: + 49 (0) 6021 / 44 78-201 fax: + 49 (0) 6021 / 44 78-200 E-mail: Web: