Mobile Locator

What is a locator mobile a mobile Locator is a program that once installed on a mobile phone allows to locate it on a map in real time. Mobile Locator works on any compatible mobile device (mobile phone, smartphone, PDA, laptop or tablet PC) with connection to a telephone network, and is used mainly for lost or stolen devices location and location of users, including minor children, parents of advanced age or employees. Mobile Locator is one of the most demanded by the users software and features mainly is used with two objectives: locate lost or stolen devices. Locate users, as minor children, parents of advanced age or employees. Here are some characteristics of the Mobile Locator: locating GPS/GSM: Mobile Locator determines the position of the terminal by GPS, or failing this by the antennas of mobile phone coverage, through the analysis of the signal strength of the GSM cells.

Function location upon request: to locate the phone simply send an SMS message and the program will send the coordinates with your position. Locking function: the Mobile Locator allows you to lock the phone remotely by sending an SMS. Data protection function: by sending an SMS program will hide, deleted or held and shall transmit a copy of security of private information such as contacts, photos or SMS. Monitoring of SIM: the program controls the SIM card and if it detects an unauthorized change of card active protection systems, such as blocking, data protection or shipping via SMS from the phone number of the new SIM card. Stealth mode: Mobile Locator to perform its function in case of theft operation must be transparent, without displaying icons, messages of activity nor appear in the list of installed applications. Deterrence function: as system of deterrence, the programme issued as an annoying beep alarm to the blocked, so that the owner can locate it if it is close. Location on Google Maps: Mobile Locator allows you to display your position in Google Maps, and can even use it as a navigation system.

Additional functions: some programs allow you to review the record of calls and text messages. Mobile Locator software legality affects sensitive topics such as the privacy of individuals and their communications, much varying its legality from one country to another. Therefore, you should always check applicable law prior to its installation and use. It is generally legal to install terminals of our property, but in the mobile enterprise in many cases it is mandatory to inform the employees of their presence. Software Mobile Locator software exists for most operating systems (Windows PC, Mac or Linux) and mobile phones (Android, BlackBerry, or Symbian). Some of the best-known are Adeona, LocatePC, Undercover, Prey, PhoneLocator, WaveSecure, PhoneFinder, PhoneGuardian or SIM Checker.