Mobile Tablet

Canonical is showing that he wants to be in all parts now wants to reach other devices and even to other areas. The first attempt was the second with Ubuntu One Music Store, third with Ubuntu Light and Unity with Ubuntu One, and will now attempt it in another market. He wants to be present in vehicles (cars), set-top boxes and tablets to increase competition to Windows or even Google’s Android. With Ubuntu Core can reach more places than desktops, laptops or netbooks, the example is mobile devices, although many users do not even have full knowledge that the canonical software is present on your mobile through linux distributions such as DEBIAN and its derivatives like UBUNTU devices. Chris Kenyon has been able to talk about Ubuntu Core, which would be lighter than the known version, kernel, middleware and framework. It has support 3 OMAP (Open Multimedia Application Platform 3) that we have seen on Ubuntu 10.04 and is a technology that will be used to integrate mobile, something extremely novedosopara the community of linux software, since users always resort to APPLE and MICROSOFT solutions which leads to extra expenses. Multi-touch support should be improved, especially since Linux is already working for some time for this original