Moment Of The Best Mobile Informatics

The current trend in mobile telephony and the future shows us clearly that a phone to be at the forefront should be a touch screen, integrated GPS and should be fully compatible with social networks. The new handsets were displayed at the congress of world’s largest mobile telephony (MWC), held in Barcelona, have an increasingly large screen, looking for speed Internet and focus on the social activity of its owner. 1. Nokia Achieve Among the new prototypes of mobile phones is the Nokia Achieve is a clamshell phone that opens to show two touch screens. Nokia is committed to foster communication and teamwork with this new device.

This will launch the mobile with a completely new interface, several types of connection including Wi-Fi, a software for facilitating communication and teamwork. Here is a video of the wonders it promises the new handset. Achieve it be that finally do see the Iphone as a outdated device? Only time will tell … Amazing Wave 2.-Samsung is the world’s first mobile phone that incorporates a Super AMOLED display, which will provide a unique visualization. Other advantages are, for example, the application “Social Hub that easily integrates email, instant messaging (IM) and the services of the major social networks. In addition, the new improved interface “TouchWiz 3.0? Personalization enables you an absolute.

With its 1GHz enjoy all these new features at high speed. Includes support for multiple codecs for DivX and Xvid., Perfect for viewing, sharing and recording videos. It is specially designed for sending large files, so Bluetoothi technology also includes the standard 3.0 and WiFi.