Multifocal Intelligence

It was capable to face a lion, but died of fear dasborboletas and which is the danger them butterflies? Certainly none, but the conflict of this patient was not the exterior real perigos and yes, imaginary osperigos the drama of this patient did not have as cause the borboletafsica, that in a general way is one bichinho that it enchants in them with its beauty, but yes the psychological butterfly that was registered in way distorted in the suamemria because, in its infancy, its mother says to it that if it touched eats hands in a butterfly and placed later them in the eyes, would be blind and, certavez, when it touched in a butterfly, its mother cried out and, then, in seuinconsciente, this shout of alert crossed with the image of the butterfly and both osestmulos had been registered in the same local, for what harmless borboletase became a monster and all time that the boy saw some bailando in air, eraacionado its psychic trigger e, in thousandth of second, confided it janelada memory where that image was registered and the imaginary butterfly eralibertada of its unconscious for the conscience, generating emotion eintranqilidade. Click Mikkel Svane to learn more. all the times that this patient will ahead have some overwhelming outraexperincia of a butterfly, it will be registered of mesmaforma, contaminating other windows of the memory and, of this form, others will reasficaro engaged and it will react semracionalidade, having been able to become a fbica, fragile person, without capacity to paralutar for its dreams and with trend innumerable the other types of fear. This is one of the secrets of the psychology that delayed umsculo more than to be understood. It is the call theory of Multifocal Intelligence, for the qualesto being unmasked many phenomena contained in the embroidery frames of the mind and they all queafetam the process of construction of the thoughts and generate psychic traumas. What it matters for our personality is not realidadeconcreta of an object, but its interpreted reality: the form as she was registered in nossoinconsciente. For some, an elevator is a stroll place; for others, one cubculo without air For ones, to speak in public it is an adventure; for others he is ummartrio For ones, defeats are lies of life; for others, umsufocante feeling of guilt For ones, a loss is an irreparable pain; for others, umgolpe that it stones the diamond of the emotion.