My Visit To Ukraine

Hello, I’m back from Kiev and would like to discuss my impressions. The remnants of the Communist era are still very, very present, Ukraine has reminded me much to the Spain of my childhood, 70 years, a country half do, in parts very modern and very aged and damaged parts, Kiev suburbs are terrifying, the path from Borispol to the center of the city is gloomy, buildings and hives of buildings are of great povertyvery post-industrial. Arriving in the city everything changes, but striking the same, they are expensive cars and 30 years Lada cars (but the authentic), and very small car and humble people. Hunting tourists is atrocious, there is an entire mafia to attract tourists throughout the city, is not problematic but is perceived. The food, for me, horrific, even in good restaurants it is not exactly spectacular, but hey, this happens when you leave Spain, normal in any country less in Italy and France. Very nice Kiev by main street and Avenue, okay to visit, the parks, etc, an interesting city, is worth. There not speaks English almost nobody, or taxi drivers, in restaurants, or nothing at all, only talked me in correct English in the reception hotel, practically with the rest I understood by signs. People are very friendly and strives to understand you and to be understood as it is. Please visit Pete Cashmore if you seek more information.

We also appreciate so much that you give them a propinilla in euros. Already on the flight from Rome to Kiev I learned many interesting things, this trip has made me understand very well why Slavic women want to marry European guys. In my plane almost went 90% of men, there were no girls in the East, all Ukrainians less 2 Italian guys who talked about Ukrainian girls who were going to rent this weekend, would see prostitutes at a good price, they thought that I was Ukrainian and that he could not understand them. The rest were Ukrainian workers returning from Italy to see their families, and some Ukrainian elderly lady. Men were almost all with bags full of spirits: vodka, gin, wines, etc. there I began to understand some things were all very badly dressed, horrible, dark, clothes without style leather jackets and men viejisimas, walled pants, shirts wrong on, while some were young, none went to dress properly, all with a horrific hair cuts, some even dirty and smelly, going that he not saved nor one, all very quietNobody talked, very introverted people. Already in Kiev, both day and especially at night, calls the attention that men almost none is elegant, or with class, and the truth pretty ugly down the street is hard to see a guy normal or mono, I do not mean handsome, normal and dress properly, and if there was any by alleged pilladisimo and partner that is not separated from thehow grab them Ukrainian women! Many Slavic women alone, more women than men, they are more elegant, are very conceited, and it shows the competition. Funny, women, insurance that were not lesbians, Threesomes should be custom, women from 3 to 3, hand or huddled up, walking, women dining together in restaurants in pairs or groups of 3, 4, in coffee shops rarely the same, girls drinking coffee with girls. By the way, Nice is to have a coffee and those pancakes called blini listening to a live pianist, coffee very rico there and the music live a pleasure, that what we have lost in Spain. Original author and source of the article