Online service providers strikes back. A few days ago, a young Freising learned consistent debts Freising the entire hardness of the Act. For more information see Koch. When it rings in the early morning on the front door Jens hardly dared see his eyes. The bailiff stood in front of the door. In the luggage a lush monetary claim of the ISP the young free singer had to shell out more than 220 euro. While I was advised even by the consumer again and again not to pay and to sit out the demand, so the debtor.

If I’d known how far it leads, I had much earlier paid the principal and thus saved about half. I can only recommend any interested parties claim to pay approved services to go later charges out of the way immediately. As well as Jens S. is currently many defaulting customers. The platform has begun above all uncompromising to collect outstanding receivables. It is hard to see that we constantly by any pseudo Consumer protection agencies are being attacked and used our services in the dirt, so the operators of It is not only money what gets lost here, alone the company Nachbarschaft24 has need to dismantle countless jobs due to this massive libel attacks. (Khassan Ahmadi)