Nasscom India

In addition, this technology has allowed people to buy goods and they have a virtual exhibition of various services with a click of the mouse button. E-Commerce, electronic commerce many experts think that global e-commerce solutions will increase exponentially in the next few years. Today, e-commerce is not just in online stores, is more on the money. These days many banks now gives its usage characteristics, ease of customers to access their bank accounts through the web. Glancing at the advances in information technology over the last couple of decades an essential element of the economic infrastructure has made computer networks. The history of the India is not very different from other developed countries, and companies today increasingly more facilitate transactions on the Internet. This technology in the India It is in the emergent stage, but projections pointing to an explosion in the coming years.

However, it is estimated that an increase in provider Internet (ISP) market, will further facilitate the growth of electronic commerce in the India. According to Nasscom-McKinsey report, also expected that for the year 2011, the India e-commerce transactions can reach $100 million. There has been an escalation in the figure of the companies accept and use this technology. With stock exchanges, they finally come online, this technology in the India has begun to increase its popularity. With more development in the system of payment and delivery is expected to take place, the day is not far, when the India will become a main competitor in the market of electronic commerce.