National Auditorium

I imagine that many are those who have visited the city of Mexico, and have been amazed with her beauty, warmth and hospitality of its people. Mexico is a city that has extensive hotel offerings and thousands of places to venture to suit all tastes and budgets. One is the Benito Juarez international airport, in the city of Mexico, gives the alternatives in the field of hotels in Mexico. It proposes the best of the best for tourists who want to enjoy an unforgettable vacation, with family or friends. Also has several restaurants, with exquisite menus of top chefs, both local, national and international. The Holiday Inn is located just 25 minutes from the international airport in the city of Mexico. The tourist will feature all the comforts that will allow you to relax to the Max.

Hotel communicates with the points most important and strategic city, those staying there, therefore, have the possibility of having at your fingertips, saving transport costs. Close to there, We find the National Auditorium and the Plaza de Toros Mexico. The Museum of anthropology is unmissable, one of the most popular attractions of the city of Mexico. The deals are very spacious and dissimilar for every type of budget, if you have little money, and want to find an offer really quality, the Azores Hotel is an excellent choice. This hotel is 3 stars, their prices are affordable, but not for this reason, low quality. Its location is strategic, because it is found in the Centre of the city, therefore, can move us on foot, and tour the city revealing the mysteries of its culture and its history to full.

It is that Mexico is one of the cities of the world more attractive for lovers of history, since many of the public buildings were built hundreds of years ago, using stones from the temples that were destroyed by the Spanish conquistadors. This beautiful city of legends, tales and mystery, represents a place mandatory for tourists wanting to really have fun and learn at the same time. The night of Mexico is unique in the world, and those who have visited recommended not overlook, the Cantina La Opera, very popular among the inhabitants and tourists, to have a few local drinks, and witness the legend about Pancho Villa. This legend prays that this historical character entered in horse and threw shot full Mexican Revolution. It will be a legend or actually happened in reality, the truth is that it is not proven, but not would lose me for anything in the world. For lovers of the night tourist, another option is the Victoria lounge, luxurious canteen, it boasts the most exquisite and elegant city dishes.